If you look around us, you will see both beauty and brokenness; joy and sadness. The Bible tells us that God made everything perfect – with immense beauty and purpose, and that he created humans beings in His image, giving us inherent value and dignity. However things are not as they were originally created, because of the entrance of sin into the world. Despite this, many vestiges of beauty remain, and humans continue to strive to find meaning and purpose in life.

The Bible holds the key to understanding human existence and experience, helping us to see that God Himself is our purpose, as we have been made to worship him and reflect him in relationship. He has also made us for relationship with other humans and with the rest of creation.

All relationships have been made difficult and partially broken because of sin, most significantly our relationship with God. But God, in His mercy, has made a way for all of those who receive Him to be once again his children through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This fundamental truth restores those who follow Him to their original purpose of loving God and loving others, and makes it possible for us to have Peace with God and peace with each other.

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